Sentinel Vintage Ogee Snap-fit Gutters


Our Sentinel extruded aluminium Vintage Ogee Snap-fit gutters are available in various sizes and are supplied with a complete range of accessories such as angles, outlets, stop ends and various brackets.

Sentinel Vintage Ogee Profile
100* 75
125 100
150 100
Sentinel Vintage Ogee Layout
Number Item
1 Left Hand Stop End
2 90° External Angle
3 135° External Angle
4 Internal Union Connector
5 Fascia Bracket
6 Running Outlet
7 Rise and Fall Bracket
8 Internal Union Connector
9 90° Internal Angle
10 135° Internal Angle
11 Top-Fix Rafter Bracket
12 Gutter Length
13 Side Fix Rafter Bracket
14 Right Hand Stop End

 Composition and Manufacture

  • Aluminium alloy 6063 to BS1474:1972
  • Fittings made by mitre cut and welding
  • 100% recyclable
  • Special fittings can be provided
  • Mill finish or powder coated to specific RAL/BS colour
  • Lightweight


Gutter to be fitted on Sentinel fascia, rafter top-fix, rafter side-fix or rise and fall brackets at 750mm centres with an additional bracket required for all running outlets and angles no further than 375mm from joint.

Expansion gaps of 3-4mm to be left between butt ends.

Joints to be made with Sentinel Snap Fit union connectors and Arbosil 1096 Low Modulus Sealant.

Full fitting instructions are supplied with every delivery.