Handling and Storage

Gutters, downpipes and fittings, particularly with polyester powder coat finish should be handled with care and should preferably be stored under cover on racks to prevent scratching.

All lengths are supplied in protective polythene wrapping, components suitably packed in boxes. If painted products are to be stored outside, cover with tarpaulin to guard against water ingress into the protective polythene. Mill finish items should be stored undercover to avoid uneven oxidisation prior to being fitted.


Post Installation
Gutters and downpipes should be thoroughly checked and water tested for leaks, sealant smudges and any damage that may impair the performance or appearance of the system with the necessary remedial action being taken before the system is handed over.

The gutter should be regularly inspected in terms of fixings, joints, surface damage and build up of leaves or silt. The proximity of trees or climbing vegetation in the immediate vicinity should be noted. Lightning links, if installed should be checked for conductivity.


Remove any debris in the gutter to ensure the gutter performs to its original design capacity.
Brushing down a mill finish gutter will be adequate, as an aluminium oxide layer forms over time. This acts as a natural barrier against further corrosion and thus protects the metal.

Polyester powder coated gutters and downpipes should be washed down regularly using non-abrasive materials and a warm detergent solution, in marine or other aggressive environments this should be carried out at three monthly intervals. Any breaks in the surface finish should be rubbed down, primed and touched up with a suitable liquid paint.

Guarantees (if required) issued by polyester powder manufacturers or applicators are reliant upon their terms & conditions being met which include maintenance, copies available upon request. Touch up paint is supplied to touch up all site cut edges.


The relevant safety regulations are outlined in the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and should be followed. Refer to CDM regulations (Code of Practice and Design for Health and Safety in Construction 1995). Handling mill finish or painted aluminium products does not pose any known health hazard, however, it is recommended to wear protective gloves whilst handling. When cutting or welding these products it is advisable to wear eye protection. Avoid ingestion or inhalation of any dust or fumes arising from such operations and use a face mask when necessary. Precaution needs to be taken to avoid contact with live power lines or cables. These products generally do not aid combustion and are rated as below.

Mill Finish, non-combustible to BS 476 part 4.

Powder coated, 0.1 Fire propagation index BS476 part 6, Class 1 Flame Surface Spread BS 476 part 7.

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