Core Values

As we grow as a company, it is important that we define our core values and principles as they help determine our culture, brand and business strategies. Our commitment to excellent service ensures that we look to the following core values in everything we do.

ARP Button ValueQuality products at affordable prices
Price isn’t everything. We aim to meet the correct balance between the quality, longevity and the price on all our products. We use a mix of traditional and modern manufacturing practices to enable us to offer systems in different price brackets without a drop in quality. Our quality controlled processes ensure that our products will meet your expectations and stand the test of time.


ARP Button qualityUK-made products to the highest standards
ARP have been based in Leicester for over 30 years and employ more than 50 highly skilled and motivated professionals. The expertise we have gained over this time enables us to produce high quality systems that meet the highest standards. With in-house finishing plants for both cast iron and aluminium products we are in sole control ensuring that your choices are not only manufactured but coated to last.


ARP Button Support

Highest levels of technical support
Whether you require help over the phone, by email or by assistance on site we have the right people to assist. The ARP Technical Office can offer remote assistance including flow calculations, take-offs, CAD drawings and advice. Whilst our national network of Area Managers can provide on-site advice at all design and construction stages. Whatever your question or concern we are here to put your mind at rest and provide the right product to meet the short term and long term goals of you project.


ARP Button on-timeDelivery where and when you want it
We understand that once the decision has been made time is not always on your side. Our ability to turn quotes around quickly and deliver material in realistic lead times will help you meet your deadlines. At the time of order, we give you the specific date that finished goods will be on site and give you the option to make special delivery vehicle requests, such as crane offload or timed deliveries.


ARP Button Eco FriendlyEvery effort to be environmentally conscious
Both cast iron and aluminium are highly recyclable and are manufactured from a significant quantity of recycled material. In addition to this, the life expectancy of both materials is in excess of 60 years, thus leading to a reduction in landfill (as lesser products come to the end of their functional life) and fewer carbon emissions produced in the manufacture, transport and refitting replacements.