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Cast Iron Gutter - Beaded Half Round

Our 'Britannia' cast iron Beaded Half Round gutters are available in various sizes and are supplied with a complete range of accessories such as angles, outlets, stopends and various brackets. True radius gutters are also available on request

114 (4 ½")60
125 (5")65

All dimensions in mm (Traditional size in inches)

1Internal Stopend
290° Universal Corner
3120° Universal Corner
4135° Universal Corner
5Fascia Bracket
6Running Outlet
7Rise & Fall Bracket with Stay
8Side Fix Rafter Bracket
9Gutter Length
10Top Fix Rafter Bracket
12Rise & Fall Bracket
13External Stopend

Gutter Length

Gutter SizeAB
114 (4 ½")188048
125 (5")188048
'Legacy' Half-round gutter

Gutter Stopend Internal/External

Gutter SizeA
114 (4 ½")50
125 (5")50
'Legacy' Half-round gutter

Union Connector

Gutter Stopend
Gutter SizeA
114 (4 ½")102
125 (5")102
'Legacy' Half-round gutter

Running Outlet

Gutter SizeAB
114 (4 ½")125240
125 (5")125240
'Legacy' Half-round gutter

Gutter Angle 90 Degree Universal

Gutter SizeAB
114 (4 ½")60192
125 (5")50192
'Legacy' Half-round gutter

Gutter Angle 120 Degree Universal

Gutter SizeAB
114 (4 ½")65140
125 (5")60140
'Legacy' Half-round gutter

Gutter Angle 135 Degree Universal

Gutter SizeAB
114 (4 ½")60113
125 (5")56116
'Legacy' Half-round gutter

Fascia Bracket

Gutter SizeA
114 (4 ½")93
125 (5")98
'Legacy' Half-round gutter

Side Fix Rafter Bracket

Gutter SizeA
114 (4 ½")200
125 (5")200
'Legacy' Half-round gutter

Top Fix Rafter Bracket

Gutter SizeA
114 (4 ½")250
125 (5")250
'Legacy' Half-round gutter

Rise and Fall Bracket with Spike

Gutter SizeAB
114 (4 ½")300140
125 (5")300140
'Legacy' Half-round gutter

Rise & Fall Bracket with Spike & Stay

Gutter SizeAB
114 (4 ½")220140
125 (5")220140
'Legacy' Half-round gutter

Composition and Manufacture

  • Traditional Sand Cast Iron
  • Manufactured to BS460:1964
  • Bespoke fittings are available on request
  • Complies to all Listed Building, Heritage and Conservation requirements
  • Supplied Transit Primed or Factory applied wet paint finish in semi gloss black or to a specific RAL/BS colour on request
  • Life expectancy of over 100 years


Gutter to be fitted on “Britannia” brackets at 915mm centres with an additional bracket required for all running outlets and angles no further than 300mm from joint.

Rafter Top-Fix, Side-Fix or Rise and Fall brackets to be fitted onto rafter ends at a maximum centre of 915mm.

Expansion gaps of 3-4mm to be left within sockets.

Joints to be made with “Britannia” gutter jointing kit or by applying two beads of Dow Corning 791 Sealant into the gutter socket and securing using M6x25mm bolts, neoprene washers and nuts.

Full fitting instructions are supplied with every delivery.