Legacy Victorian Ogee Gutters


Our Legacy cast aluminium victorian ogee gutters are available in various sizes and are supplied with a complete range of accessories, such as angles, outlets, stop ends and brackets.  True and faceted radius gutters are also available.

ARP Leicester
100 (4") 55
114 (4½") 61
125 (5") 67
ARP Leicester
Number Item
1 Internal Stop End
2 90° External Angle
3 135° External Angle
4 Fascia Bracket
5 Running Outlet
6 Rise and Fall Bracket
7 90° Internal Angle
8 135° Internal Angle
9 Side-Fix Rafter Bracket
10 Gutter Length
11 Union Connector
12 Top-Fix Rafter Bracket
13 External Stop End

 Composition and Manufacture

  • Aluminium alloy LM6 to BS5750:2008
  • Marine Grade
  • 100% recycled aluminium and 100% recyclable
  • Special fittings can be provided
  • Mill finish or powder coated to specific RAL/BS colour
  • Lightweight


Cast victorian ogee gutters are installed on fascia brackets which are set out at 915mm maximum centres, no further than 300mm from a joint on gutter runs.  Please allow one extra bracket per fitting.

The fascia brackets should be set out to any pre-determined fall, taking note beforehand of the position of any fittings, such as outlets and angles. Brackets should be fixed using M5x25mm stainless steel countersunk screws (dependant on substrate).

Top fixing or side fixing rafter brackets are also available, whose centres may be governed by the roof timbers. Rise and fall brackets driven into the masonry are recommended to be at 915mm maximum centres.

Touch up paint is supplied to coat all cut edges.

Full installation instructions are supplied with every delivery.