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Continuous Gutters "Mustang" and "Alstream"

Gutter Machines

ARP Ltd are the sole UK suppliers of the Ironman Aluminium Seamless Gutter Machine. The Ironman machine roll forms the gutter on site up to 30 metres in one run without any leaks. It carries a BBA accreditation in excess of 30 years and is the most modern and reliable machine available on the market.

Finlock Gutter Liner

In order to stop water penetrating through concrete finlock type gutters, it is necessary to provide a watertight and extremely durable lining to the water carrying Channel.

Finlock gutters were installed as standard on many large scale house building projects from 1945 onwards in an attempt to provide alternative to traditional wooden or iron guttering, both materials being in very short supply after the Second World War. It became apparent that water is penetrating in vast numbers of dwellings via the concrete "Finlock" gutters and causing serious structural defects.

5" OG Copper

The copper 5" OG is available through our own machine, set aside to facilitate this system.

6" OG

The 6" OG gutters are suitable for commercial and industrial, larger buildings such as churches. This product is accessible through ARP's approved and recognised installers.

4" OG

The 4" OG gutter range is ideal for use on properties and buildings with small roofs. This product is accessible through ARP's approved and recognised installers.

Coil & Components


Our coils are available in 0.7mm or 0.9 mm thickness and in a variety of colours to suit your application. Current colours available are black, white, brown, green, cream. Other colours are available to order. Coils are normally between 105 and 120 kilos in weight. 1 kilo of 0.9mm coil produces 1.37 metres of gutter and 1 kilo of 0.7mm coil produces 1.67 metres of gutter.

BBA Approved Mustang Continuous Gutter System


Our entire Mustang system has a complete British Board of Agrément Certificate No 91/2625 with independent test and assessment providing reassuring approval of durability and sustainability, as well as compliance with UK Building Regulations and Codes of Practice.

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