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How to become an ARP and Mustang® Approved installer

ARP recognises that the service element to any building project is a very important value and an installer having a recognised qualification certainly carries weight. A customer, knowing that the team on site is suitably accredited provides them with peace of mind that the job will be completed correctly while for the installer, it is an opportunity to secure more work.

We are very proud that the Mustang® gutter system is the only seamless gutter system to be accredited by the BBA. As part of the ongoing assessment of this certification and for the reputation of the system we only grant Mustang® Approved status to those that have a commitment to providing the highest level of service.

Practical Requirements

In addition to the purchase of an IronMan™ machine and so that you are ready to start installing seamless gutters, there is some other essential equipment that you will need. Please note that at all stages, we are happy to advise and assist in ensuring that when you leave our works with your IronMan™ machine you are ready to go straight to site and start installing!


A van would be the most common way to transport IronMan™ Machines but a trailer is another option. Whichever option you choose, both need to have the following basic requirements.

  • Payload – Minimum spare payload of 600kg
  • Power Source – Generator to run 110v with a constant output of 5kva
  • Storage – some form of racking for storing coil and components 

Access Equipment

Gutters are mostly installed at high level. It is essential that for the safety of you and your workers that proper access equipment that complies to current “Working at Heights” legislation is used. They can included:

  • Ladders
  • Easy Deck / Mac Systems
  • Portable Scaffold 

IronMan™ Gutter Machine

Now the machine! Once you have chosen the best transport and access equipment options for your business, ARP’s main role is to get you fitting as soon as possible. To do this, we give you the most comprehensive offering including machine, start up stock, tools and full training.

Machine                 IronMan™ 5″ Junior Ogee Gutter Machine (click image for specifications)

Start up Stock       Includes choice of 2 dual-coloured coils, hangers, endcaps and corners

 Training                Half days certificated training program provided at out factory for 1-3 operatives

At the end of this training the 1-3 operatives will be confident in the basic operation of producing gutter and will have a full understanding of all the component options. ARP will provide certification confirming training attendance and will, upon completion, be happy to recommend you as a trained ARP Installer on small domestic projects.  You will now be on the road to becoming a Mustang® Installer.


Becoming a Mustang® Approved Installer

Having purchased your machine, components and having attended the half days training you may feel that this is sufficient for your business’ needs. For those wanting more, the Mustang® Approved Installer assessment program will enable you to promote your business as a premium contractor,  trained and assessed to the highest standards. This will also enable you to be put forward for all projects regardless of size. The ongoing process starts on the day you collect your machine.

Step 1:  On the day of collection 1-3 operatives are trained in the use of the IronMan™ Machines and the basics of installation. 

Step 2:  Within the first 12 months ARP will inspect a minimum of two projects installed by the ARP trained operatives to ensure they comply to the relevant standards and are deemed to be suitable installations. Feedback is given and any highlighted issues are given time to be addressed and then reassessed. These inspections are then logged and become part of the continuous BBA certification.

Step 3:  When 12 months has elapsed and ARP are satisfied that the workmanship is to the desired level, both the overall company and the inspected operatives are then certified as Mustang® Approved. This then enables them to train other people from their company in the operation and installation of the machines and start them on the process of becoming Mustang® Approved.  Please note that site inspections still need to be made by ARP.

Step 4:  All trained operatives undergo continuous assessment to ensure that their certification stays up to date. A minimum of one installation per year is required.


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